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Itil Help Desk is not a properly used term. Itil Help Desk is a definition that became common, because of the commonality of help desks and help desk solutions. The ITIL discipline that this actually refers to is the ITIL Service Desk. The ITIL Service Desk works as the central point of contact between service providers and customers. In addition to that, it's often used as the backbone for the reporting Incidents and for service requests.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a customizable framework summing the best practices that improve quality computing services in the information technology (IT) sector. ITIL help desk software addresses the organisational structure and skill requirements for an IT organisation by presenting a comprehensive set of management procedures with which an organisation can manage its IT operations.

The objectives of Itil Help Desk are the following - to provide a single point of contact for customers; to facilitate the restoration of normal operational service with minimum impact on the customers.

The two leading ITIL help desk software solutions are IncidentMonitor Enterprise and IncidentMonitor SaaS. These two products are labelled as the most complete helpdesk software solutions on the market.

IncidentMonitor is an ITL help desk software specially designed to support the demands of any customer service help desk system that you wish to implement. Armed with IncidentMonitor, businesses can automate any ITIL or other process to support customers that are internal or external; single or multi-tenant; IT or non-IT related. At the center of IncidentMonitor, there is a robust framework, allowing any business to automate their help desk. The official product website is

The goal behind using Itil Help Desk is to reduce the impact that everyday problems have on the customers. The idea is to reduce the mean time to repair. Stats show that service desk maintains 93% customer satisfaction ratings and a 75% first-call resolution rate. ITIL help desk can help you eliminate thousands of phone calls to customer service by tracking common problems and working with the lines of business that own the problem to fix it at its root. ITIL help desk is there to reduce the number of people calling the office because those issues won't appear that often, or they can be resolved more easily. The ability to identify and solve common problems gives your business the chance to improve existing services and introduce new services that bring value to the customers.

ITIL help desk is all about monitoring the service that your business provides, as you can use a wide set of different tools. Every survey is logged into one central database. If you are outsourcing your customer service department, then you should provide proper training to all new members working overseas, in order to guarantee customer satisfaction, because they don't have the necessary experience at first.


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