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With customer service automation, you get great service with no up-front investment in hardware, software or implementation, and no drain on your IT resources. Your customer service team is the single department that gets closest to your customers. They are your front line of support and when they do their job well, they can foster relationships that help your business thrive. Providing high-quality customer service doesn't mean you have to go bankrupt trying to patch together your phone, email and Web systems.

Customer Service Automation integrate ACD, IVR, Email, Web-Chat and customer self-service in one sophisticated, reliable system. Gets you up and running in a matter of days. Requires no upfront capital investment or ongoing IT support. Is easy to use, with minimal training for your staff.

Customer Service Automation is good for all the members of your organization, from customers to agents, supervisors, and the company's bottom line. Maintaining customer service automation for maximum efficiency and accuracy is easy with the right software. Sophisticated tools help streamline complex customer service processes, automate workflow, and increase service quality-for improved customer interactions.

One of the biggest problems in front of all Customer Service Automation solutions today is the ability to generate a Return on Investment, or ROI. ROI is defined as the company's return of a given investment. When you make a certain investment, you would certainly want to make money out of it and that's what ROI shows - whether your are on the positive or negative side. Because of some failures in the Customer Service Automation market and the tightening of the economy, it's of vital importance to find a Customer Service Automation application that will not just bring an eventual ROI, but a rapid one as well. Organizations no longer have years to wait for an IT initiative to pay off. This pressure places an extreme burden on businesses that are responsible for defining and using a Customer Service Automation solution.

CommandONE is a Customer Service Automation solution released by STS (Specialized Technical Services). STS is a leading IT and e-Business solutions provider from Jordan and CommandONE is their Customer Service platform. CommandONE is the type of Customer Service Automation Solution that's ideal for Small and Medium enterprises seeking a smart, interactive and collaborative customer service platform. It enables organizations to integrate and streamline daily business processes, monitor business activity and manage performance targets and indicators. Here is what Ramzi Zeine, Chairman of STS, had to say: "Optimizing customer service and work processes is a central tenet of modern organizations' IT strategies, boosting efficiency and productivity to leverage advantage in increasingly competitive markets. CommandONE platform provides significant bottom line returns in terms of cost saving, reduced response times, procedure standardization and robust reporting."

Poor billing procedures or sales and customer contact result in bankrupt. To avoid that, you must defined your goals, have serious motivation and be at the centre of it all.

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