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Asset Inventory Software simplifies your daily administrative tasks and it's specially designed to eliminate costly manual data processing. It also optimizes productivity by managing rooms, equipment, assets and resources.

Asset Inventory Software is a flexible and fully-customizable resource and room scheduling solution, providing office managers with the tools required to the entire scheduling process, in order to meet the unique scheduling requirements of your organization.

Regardless of the way your organization schedules, with asset inventory software, you will have real-time access to room and resource schedules through a web-based interface, with a self-service booking mechanism. Optionally, by making a confirmation, users can make reservations online. If the resources are booked, users can submit requests for booking them and they will be automatically assigned the given resource as it becomes available.

Here are the benefits of using Asset Inventory Software:

- Increased productivity for all members of your team, by eliminating double-booked rooms and schedule conflicts

- Scheduling made easy, through instant booking of meeting rooms and services and automated notifications

- Decreased overhead by utilizing automated reservation processes with self-service bookings and auto-assignment wait lists

- Complete control with comprehensive rights management and extensive customization tools.

Meeting Room Manager

Meeting Room Manager is an Asset Inventory Software that allows you to manage everything in your meeting environment, from rooms, catering, A/V and other services and schedule everywhere - from the Web, Outlook® and even LCD Panels right at the conference room door. Meeting Room Manager's powerful, easy-to-use web interface provides access to users throughout your organization from virtually any Web browser. Administrators can control reservation processes, manage rooms, resources and services, and track utilization and charges. The Official product website is

Wasp MobileAsset

Wasp MobileAsset is the number one selling, industry-leading asset inventory software solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Wasp has perfected an all-in-one solution to solve the asset management needs of government and educational agencies, healthcare organizations, and companies of all sizes across the globe. The asset tracking solutions provided by this company are capable of meeting the demands of your business while still remaining simple enough to master right out of the box. The official website is

AssetManage Asset Tracking Software 2007

AssetManage Asset Tracking Software 2007 shows where your assets are, their state, and to whom they are currently assigned to. AssetManage keeps track of expenses related to an asset, creates inventories for multiple locations, and lets you attach images, documents and hyperlinks to each asset. This program can work with Microsoft Access database file, SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. It can be purchased at

Asset inventory software is really useful for IT businesses, and if you are looking for the right desk-solution, then you should consider Remedy, which also has a Linux version.

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