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Remedy Help Desk was voted by visitors of as the best help desk software of the year. Remedy Help Desk software is an integrated support management product which automates the support procedures, including the functions to monitor, submit, and manage Help desk cases, change requests, and asset inventory records. Remedy Help Desk produces request logs and tracks incidents, creating alerts, notifications, and escalations when such are required.

As an IT professional, one of the most important service that you support is your help desk, which is integral part of keeping your business operations running smoothly and staying ahead of the competition.

Remedy Help Desk can accurately pin-point which business services are affected by a given incident or problem, so that you can determine service priority depending on the business context. Integrated problem management functionality helps you differentiate between longer-term performance, one-time trouble-ticket incidents and system problems.

To streamline tracking and reporting, users of Remedy Help Desk are able to categorize problems and incidents by type of service, and the fully customizable bulletin board function automatically filters data and directs it to specific departments or locations. If a given problem requires third-party services, Remedy Help Desk can create work orders to assign jobs to external vendors or outsourced resources.

Remedy Help Desk is a forms-based case management system and to use it efficiently, one must select the desired form from the Help Desk Cases form. This Console works as a 'portal' to the whole application. Once you have the Console opened, all the cases assigned to your group are automatically displayed. In order to show important service or system data, the Console has an integrated Bulletin Board. There are two Consoles part of Remedy Help Desk - Support Console, Management Console.

Remedy Help Desk has an integrated Reminders feature which allows emails to be sent directly to clients. In addition to that, reminders enable you to set a reminder when the case should its Pending status by sending yourself an email.

In Remedy Help Desk, each case has a special status, which could be one of the following - New, Assigned, Work in Progress, Pending, Resolved, Closed.

What makes Remedy Remedy Help Desk is that it manages assets according to business service. For example, this product can segment and track a cluster of database servers from payroll services and what's on them. This distinction helps you align assets with business services.

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